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Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice

 The Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice (the Code) has been developed in consultation with beekeepers and governments to provide a framework for Australian beekeepers to use best-practice biosecurity measures.

 The Code has been developed to incorporate fundamental biosecurity principles into the practices of all Australian beekeepers.

  • Training and Planning
  • Reducing exposure of bees to pests and diseases

  • Controlling pests and diseases

  • Controlling the spread of undetected disease in an apiary

  • Keeping accurate records

  • Hive and equipment maintenance


    Some sections of the Code are already mandatory under existing state and territory legislations.

    Some parts of the Code apply to all beekeepers; others apply only to beekeepers with 50 or more hives.



Country of Origin Labelling Guide

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20160721 Update__varroa_mites_found_in_Annandale_Asian_honey_bee_hive_160721.pdf  
20160705 Varroa jacobsoni and Asian Honey Bee in Queensland {20160705}