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Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice

 The Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice (the Code) has been developed in consultation with beekeepers and governments to provide a framework for Australian beekeepers to use best-practice biosecurity measures.

 The Code has been developed to incorporate fundamental biosecurity principles into the practices of all Australian beekeepers.

  • Training and Planning
  • Reducing exposure of bees to pests and diseases

  • Controlling pests and diseases

  • Controlling the spread of undetected disease in an apiary

  • Keeping accurate records

  • Hive and equipment maintenance


    Some sections of the Code are already mandatory under existing state and territory legislations.

    Some parts of the Code apply to all beekeepers; others apply only to beekeepers with 50 or more hives.



Country of Origin Labelling Guide

20160724 labelling explained {added 20160724}  
20160721 Update__varroa_mites_found_in_Annandale_Asian_honey_bee_hive_160721.pdf  
20160705 Varroa jacobsoni and Asian Honey Bee in Queensland {20160705}  




Dates for your diary 

 Next Field Day: is to be held at 10:00am on Sunday 1st July 2018 at the apiary (weather permitting - contact apiary officer Torsten on 0425357643 after 5pm only please)) .Please note that visitors to our apiary are required to wear long sleeved tops, trousers and closed-in shoes (Boots/Gumboots). Please note clarify that during cooler months we will not open hives.  Instead we will have Q&A sessions, working bees or education events.

 On Sunday July 1, we will workshop how to assemble frames and how to wire frames.
We will also assemble bee boxes for those who missed out on the last field day.




June 2018

3rd- Sunday 10am Field day at Apiary
8th- newsletter deadline for articles
15th-Find club newsletter on website
20th-7:30pm Club Meeting *speaker to be advised *bring finger food
23rd- Bunnings Campbeltown. Volunteers needed!

July 2018

1st-Sunday 10am Field day at Apiary
6th-Newsletter deadline for articles

7th - 10 am ABA meeting in Camden. Everyone welcome!!
13th-Find club newsletter on website
18th-7:30pm Club Meeting *speaker to be advised *bring finger food
21st-Bunnings Narellan. Volunteers needed.


August 2018

3rd- Newsletter deadline for articles

5th- Sunday 10am Field day at Apiary

10th-Find club newsletter on website

15th- 7:30pm Club Meeting *speaker to be advised *bring finger food

18th- Bunnings Campbeltown. Volunteers needed! See Jessie! 


September 2018

2nd - 10 am Field Day
7th - Newsletter deadline
14th- Find newsletter on website
19th - 7:30pm club meeting
22nd- Narellan Bunnings. Volunteers needed! See Jessie!

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